Advanced Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Programs at NOBTS offer advanced, focused study and leadership development. The Doctor of Education (EdD) and Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) degrees are oriented toward ministerial leadership, and the Master of Theology (ThM) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees focus on theological research and teaching.

Doctor of Philosophy Preresidency

(Must hold master's degree)

One year or less of leveling

Doctor of Philosophy: 61 hours

  • Residency/ThM Candidacy: 26 hours
  • Senior Residency: 28 hours
  • Candidacy: 8 hours

Doctor of Philosophy Majors

  • Biblical Exposition
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Leadership
  • Counselor Education and Supervision
  • Evangelism
  • New Testament
  • Old Testament
  • Theology
  • Theology with Church History Concentration

Doctor of Education: 54 hours

  • Program Elements: 12 hours
  • Required Seminars: 16 hours
  • Mentorships: 6 hours
  • Dissertation: 8 hours
  • Elective Seminars: 12 hours

Doctor of Musical Arts: 55 hours

  • Residency: 32 hours
  • Senior Residency: 17 hours
  • Candidacy: 6 hours

Five Divisions of Study


Just follow these three steps:

1. Prerequisites
Understand the prerequisites
for your degree major.
2. Deadlines
Plan your schedule for all
paperwork and forms.
3. Application
Download all
forms to apply.