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Our Supervisor Model

Mentorship From Start to Finish

Your supervisor's goal is to transform you into an expert in the field.

Through monthly meetings and supervised mentorship courses, you'll discuss your current seminars, research interests, and dissertation ideas. They'll guide you in developing your dissertation topic from broad idea to detailed prospectus and offer critical feedback throughout the writing process.

What you can expect from your supervisor:

  • Regularly meet (at least once a month) with their students regarding research interest and progress in the program/seminars
  • Advise toward certain seminars based on area of interest/study
  • Evaluate and review the student’s progress through the program
  • Assist in modifying seminar papers into content suitable for conference presentations and articles
  • Provide and help the student develop a bibliographic reading list for field of study and for comprehensive exams
  • Guide and direct the student to develop a robust research proposal
  • Oversee the proposal’s development into a prospectus in conjunction with the prospectus development course
  • Help students prepare for the comprehensive exams
  • Write and conduct the comprehensive exams (written/oral)

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Program Outline

PhD Residency (26 hours)
  • Intro to Research & Writing (3 hours)
  • 4 PhD Seminars (16 hours)
  • Reading Seminar I (3 hours)
  • Supervised Mentorship I (3 hours)
  • ThM Portfolio (1 hour)
  • ThM Conferral upon completing 26 hours and submission of writing portfolio
PhD Senior Residency (30 hours)
  • Teaching in Higher Education (3 hours)
  • 4 PhD Seminars (16 hours)
  • Reading Seminar II (3 hours)
  • Supervised Mentorship II (3 hours)
  • Proposal Approval (0 hours)
  • Prospectus Development (3 hours)
  • Comprehensive Examination - Written & Oral (1 hour)
  • Prospectus Approval (1 hour)
PhD Candidacy (7 hours)
  • Dissertation Research and Writing (6 hours)
  • Dissertation Defense (1 hour)
Total Required: 63 hours

Looking for a ThM Instead?

Our Stand-Alone ThM is a highly-esteemed masters degree that prepares you for PhD studies and allows you to complete the courses necessary to be eligible for PhD admission.

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