on Friday, March 2, 2018

Upon returning from a missions internship in England, Rachael Putman began to ask God what she should do now. Through prayer and the advice from some friends she said, “it became obvious to me that I should check out Leavell College.” She visited the campus and confesses that she felt somewhat intimidated, but sensed God’s call to come study at Leavell.  Every excuse she offered to God, He overcame and reminded her of Moses’ call to do something he wasn’t comfortable doing.  She loved music and had been taking piano since the age of six or seven, so she applied to study music at Leavell. Putman relates she “always enjoyed serving in a musical capacity in church and had a strong sense that God’s calling on my life had to do with music. Little did I know how much God would use my time here to change and grow me.”

Studying at Leavell College has had a great impact in her life, teaching her to trust God more and giving her a “sense of empowerment to begin to step into the things God may be calling me to do. My time at Leavell College has also set me on a journey to learn how to better balance life, family, and ministry.” Putman worked in “secular” jobs while a student and offers this insight:  “How we live our everyday coming and going lives in front of and with the precious people around us is probably the most powerful witnessing opportunity we have. But if we are always at church serving when will our friends and family have time to see Jesus in us?”

She grew up only about 30-45 minutes from New Orleans, so moving to the city was not much of a culture shock, but “coming to Leavell College gave me more opportunities to experience this wonderful city I call home. I got to experience it with other students, missionaries, and professors who did not grow up here.”

Putman graduated in December of 2017 with a Bachelors of Arts degree with and Emphasis in Worship and is open to whatever and wherever God leads. She is praying about returning to NOBTS to work on a Master’s degree. She currently is serving as a volunteer on the worship band and M-Kids team at Metairie Church, where she has been since November of 2017. This has given her the opportunity to lead worship and continue to grow through those opportunities.

Compiled by Ed Steele