The following is a list of the most recent syllabi for courses offered in the Discipleship and Ministry Leadership Division. The teaching syllabus for each course may differ based on class format.(Class, Internet, Hybrid, Workshop). The required textbooks, student learning outcomes, and embedded assignments are the same in all syllabi. 

Adult Ministry Leadership

CEAD6351 Ministry with Young Adults

CEAD6355 Leading Family Ministry

CEAD6356 Leading Adult Ministry

CEAD6358 Ministry with Older Adults

CEGT5258 Introduction to Gerontology

Children's Ministry Leadership

CECH6333 Leading Children's Ministry

CECH6335 Children and the Christian Faith

CECH6337 Ministering to Children in Crisis

Church Recreation and Wellness

CERW6270 Total Wellness and the Minister

CERW6371 Lifespan Recreation

CERW6375 Intentional Sports Ministry

Collegiate Ministry Leadership

CECM6352 Campus-Based Collegiate Ministry

CECM6353 The History and Philosophy of Collegiate Ministry

CECM6354 Guiding Collegians in Their Faith Pilgrimage

CECM6358 Church-Based Collegiate Ministry

CECM6660 Praxis I

CECM6661 Praxis II


DISC5170 Introduction to Spiritual Formation

DISC5170 Introduction to Spiritual Formation (Mentoring)

DISC5171 Personal Disciple Making

DISC5260 Discipleship Strategies (Classroom)

DISC5260 Discipleship Strategies (Mentoring)

DISC5260 Discipleship Strategies (Hybrid)

DISC5371 Disciplemaking through Small Group Ministry

DISC6300 Lifespan Discipleship

DISC6192 Special Topics in Discipleship

DISC6292 Special Topics in Discipleship

DISC6392 Special Topics in Discipleship

Educational Foundations

CEEF 6211 Teaching Practicum 

CEEF6300 Historical Foundations of Christian Education

CEEF6301 Foundations of Christian Education

CEEF6302 Foundations in Educational Psychology

CEEF6303 Ministry of Teaching

CEEF6306 Lifespan Development

CEEF6310 Teaching the Bible (Classroom)

CEEF6310 Teaching the Bible (Internet)

CEEF6600 Christian Education Proficiency Seminar

Leadership and Administration

CEAM6308 Risk Management in Christian Ministry

CEAM6314 Leading Team-Based Ministry

CEAM6317 Church Business Administration

CEAM6320 Church Leadership and Administration (Campus)

CEAM6320 Church Leadership and Administration (Hybrid)

CEAM6320 Church Leadership and Administration (Mentoring)

CEAM6321 Using Technology in the Work of the Church


CMEN6300 Mentoring in Discipleship Ministry

CMEN6600 Mentoring in Discipleship Ministry 


CEST6300 Introduction to Educational Research & Statistics

Women's Ministry Leadership

Women's Ministry 2018-19 Course Schedule

CEWM5360 Introduction to Women's Ministry

CEWM6365 Advanced Women's Ministry

CEWM5150 Missions for Women

CEWM5151 Disciple Making for Women

CEWM5161 Spiritual Gifts of Women

CEWM5163 Leadership Training for Women

CEWM5164 Planning Special Events for Women

CEWM5165 Women's Ministry Programs

CEWM5166 Support Groups for Women

CEWM5167 Relationship Skills for Women

CEWM5168 Lifestyle Witnessing for Women

CEWM5169 Bible Study for Women

CEWM5170 Women and Church Growth

CEWM5171 Recreational Programs for Women

CEWM5177 Girls' Enrichment Ministry

CEWM5178 Women Mentoring Women

CEWM5179 Expanding Your Women's Ministry Through Writing

CEWM5180 Lay Counseling for Women

CEWM5181 Women's Ministry to Mothers

CEWM5182 Biblical Womanhood

CEWM5183 Ministry with Grievers

CEWM5185 A Survey of Feminist Theology

CEWM5186 Multicultural Women's Ministry

CEWM5187 Teaching Basic Baptist Beliefs for Women

CEWM5260 Women's Work in the Local Church

CEWM5262 Public Speaking for Women

Youth Ministry Leadership

CEYH5344 Leading Youth Ministry

CEYH5398 Youth Ministry Leadership Conference

CEYH6341 Understanding Contemporary Adolescents

CEYH6342 Communication and Evangelism for Youth Audiences

CEYH6343 Youth Culture

CEYH6357 Leadership Development in Youth Ministry

CEYH6360 Disciplemaking with Youth & Families

Individualized Study

Clinical Field Project


Special Topic