Can You Dig It?

on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We are finally ready to start digging in the water system and in the Canaanite gate. Set-up was challenging, but the team persevered and the task is complete.

The sifting table produced many buckets of pottery today. A few really exciting finds turned up in the sifter. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what we found. You will hear about this one eventually.

There was another exciting find – not as big as the one from the sifter – we still can’t talk about it.

Using a backhoe and watching carefully, we removed the layer of dirt near (and weeds) near the entrance to the water system. The material was mostly backfill from R.A.S. Macalister’s dig at Gezer in the early 1900s. Look for the before and after photos showing the exposed bedrock.

Look for a longer blog about the water system tomorrow. Cory Barnes, Ph.D. student at NOBTS and committed digger, will share an update about the progress deep in the water system

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Click Here to see the latest photos from the dig.