Can You Dig It?

on Monday, May 22, 2017

Today was another long day of set-up at the Tel Gezer Water System Expedition. More sandbags were made, more shade cloth tents were constructed, and more site preparation was completed. Many sandbags were installed over the ancient water system steps, but many more sandbags are needed tomorrow. There will be more clean-up in Area D (the Canaanite Gate) tomorrow, but we are inching closer to our actual excavation work.

Let the Shifting Begin

Back in November Dr. Jim Parker and Dr. Dan Warner travelled to Gezer to oversee an extra clean-out project in the water system. They contracted with local workers to remove several meters of material deep in the water system . The bags of material were saved and stored on the site until the summer dig season. Today, the team began sifting this mountain of close to 200 bags of material. The pottery sherds in these bags will help confirm the date of the water system’s construction.

Flickr Site

This year we are utilizing our Flickr site to share photos from the dig. Click Here to access this year’s photo album.  Only a few photos are available, but we will be added even more each day as the dig progress (we don’t want to bore you with set-up and clean-up photos).  If you visit our Flickr site you can see photos from all the previous dig seasons.