on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NOLA2U is a new class format at NOBTS that allows remote students to join a class through live synchronous video. Because the sessions are live and connected, students ask the professor questions, and interact with other students, all from their remote location.

“Having completed two courses last semester in the NOLA2U format, I can attest that it is truly exceptional,” said NOBTS student Louis Johnson.

The value of NOLA2U is that it puts the main campus teaching element into distance learning.

“I love the NOLA2U approach. It is the best delivery system we've found since I cannot be on campus,” said Dr. Rick Yount, one of NOBTS’ visiting professors.

NOLA2U also gives distance learning students the same resources in-class students have for learning difficult subjects. Yount, who also teaches statistics—a subject difficult for many—notes that “speaking explanations face to face is the key.” Through NOLA2U, remote students now have this ability.

“We wanted something that was more like the normal class experience for people who could not attend classes in New Orleans,” said NOBTS Provost Dr. Norris Grubbs. “NOLA2U provides the in-class experience with our best professors with the convenience of logging in from the home or office.”

This spring, a brand new format called NOLA2U-Flex will be available. It blends the immediate interaction of NOLA2U with the flexibility of traditional online classes by giving students up to a week’s flexibility to log in and interact with their classmates and professor.