Personal Resources

Personal Resources

There are numerous resources that a student can pursue to acquire educational funds.
  1. Your home church or current church

    • If your church or an organization wants to send money, but the money is not available by the first day of school, the church or organization can email or fax a Letter of Intent on official letterhead to Financial Aid (email:; fax: 504.816.8437) and we will count these anticipated funds as a credit toward your account.
  2. The association to which your home or current church belongs

    • Check with your local association office to see if scholarship opportunities are available. 
  3. The Baptist convention or foundation for your home state:  

  4. People who care about you and may want to make a contribution toward this important season of your life. Writing a Support Letter

  5. Other Non-NOBTS scholarships provided from an outside source


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