Dr. Ken Taylor

Meet Dr. Ken Taylor

For more than a century, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has been a testimony of  Providence and Prayer. Throughout our history, these words have served as more than a motto. They remind us who we are and what God has done.

 He has done amazing things—and He has used individuals like you to accomplish them. We are forever grateful for the faithfulness, encouragement, and support you have generously provided our students, faculty, and staff. Thank you!

 As we enter our second century, NOBTS will continue its mission of training and equipping men and women to answer God’s calling on their lives. For the next 100 years, our faculty and students will respond to the Great Commission and serve where incredible passion intersects doctrinal integrity.

 Dr. Ken Taylor has seen the influence of doctrinal integrity from many perspectives during his time at NOBTS. He has been a student and a professor, a pastor and a missionary. He both deeply loves the city of New Orleans and regularly leads international mission trips. Recently, he shared some of his thoughts on the connection between ministry and doctrinal integrity, especially in urban contexts.

 I was practicing law in Alabama when the Lord dramatically called me to surrender to a life of ministry and missions. Shortly after moving to New Orleans, He showed me that this city was my mission field. I began serving in a local church and have been here for 31 years. And I have been teaching at NOBTS for 25 years.

 Over the years, I have had the privilege of ministering to people all over New Orleans. I especially enjoy working in neighborhoods many consider “inner city.” Many of those residents are fearful about what goes on around them. They are anxious to hear some good news. The light of Christ penetrates that darkness. I get to take church members and seminary students into these locations where people are searching for answers.

 The city always challenges our values, but doctrinal integrity requires living and teaching the truths of the Bible. If we hold to the teaching of the Bible we can face any difficulty in the city because we know that the Lord is faithful to sustain us.

 NOBTS holds steadfastly to the doctrinal truths of the Bible. Faculty members teach according to these truths, and students learn through their experiences that the Bible is true. They discover that they can base their lives and ministry on these truths.

 The support of donors makes all this possible. Because individuals invest in this seminary, students who come to New Orleans learn how to be effective ministers. And they get to learn how God works in an urban environment.


—Ken Taylor, Professor of Urban Missions

Occupying the Chester L. Quarles Chair of Urban Missions

 Dr. Taylor models the heartbeat of NOBTS. He embraces providence and prayer, exemplifying doctrinal integrity behind the pulpit, on the mission field, and in the classroom. When you give, you empower leaders like him to make a difference in the lives of our students and our churches here and around the world!

Every gift you give is an investment. Every investment you make makes an eternal impact. And when you impact eternity, incredible things happen!

Thank you for making incredible things happen!

Yours & His,


Chuck Kelley


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