Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Absolutely incredible news! Can you believe it? Last year on Giving Tuesday, the generosity of our outstanding alumni and friends ignited a donation frenzy, raising $306,393! And the best part? It's all thanks to our incredible Foundation Board members who matched those gifts!

But hold onto your hats because the jubilation continues! Our phenomenal Foundation Board members, inspired by the overwhelming success of last year, have joyfully pledged their support for Giving Tuesday 2023. They're committing to magnify your contributions once again, this time up to a mind-blowing $200,000 for the Providence Fund!

Can you feel the excitement? Just like you, they are fervently committed to preserving theological training right here in the heart of New Orleans. So, my friends, let's set your calendars again for Giving Tuesday, November 28, and get ready to ride the wave of goodwill! Maximize the incredible Foundation Board matching gift and help launch God's servants into a brighter, more promising future!
Let's make it a Giving Tuesday to remember, as we prepare servants who walk with Christ, proclaim his truth, and fulfill his mission.

Giving Tuesday Toolkit