Student Policies and Procedures




Effective April 25, 2016

Updated April 11, 2016



Student Mail Authorization

  1. Student mail box combinations will only be provided to the primary student box holder and their spouse if they are married. 
  2. To allow other people to access packages, you can add the names of people who can access your packages through the PackageLog account by adding those names to the “Agents” list separated by commas
  3. Since post office box authorization is up to the student with the PackageLog “Agents” list, we recommend that the security of your mail be taken into account when allotting or removing people to access your mail box.

Student Mail Retrieval Procedures and Policies

  1. We know you are excited about that lot of vintage Furbies you just won on eBay or your new copy of Millard Erickson’s 32nd revision to his systematic theology, but unfortunately packages are not available for picked up until all packages have been logged and the PackageLog messages have been sent regardless of carrier delivery notifications.
  2. Since the notification of package delivery is primarily by email, we request that you check the primary email account or your PackageLog account to determine if a package is ready for pickup.  The post office will need the tracking number of any missing packages to assist in finding them.
  3. To ensure mail security, mail recipients will be required to either provide a PackageLog PIN number or their photo ID for packages or mail box combination retrieval.
  4. Although leaving your mail box unlocked may be convenient, it compromises the safety of your mail, damages the box locks, and may cause a problems with the US Postal Service in the event of a facility check. 
    1. To ensure that the box is able to properly lock, please spin the combination lock after use so that it is able to reset. 
    2. To further ensure mail security and accuracy, mail will no longer be given out over the counter and mail boxes will not be manually opened.  If you need assistance with your box or a new copy of the combination, we will be more than happy to help.



Incoming Mail Address Guidelines

  1. To ensure accurate delivery, please ensure that all incoming mail is accompanied by your name and box number.  If mail comes to you in a different name or a nickname, please ensure that we are aware of how your mail will be address to avoid it being returned to sender.

Inter-Office Mail Guidelines

  1. Due to our contract with the Post Office, inter-office mail is restricted to school related business.  School related business is anything that is considered school related correspondence between faculty, staff, and departments or correspondence between a student and faculty, staff, or a department.  Eligible inter-office mail includes anything related to a function of the school including things such as academic assignments, notifications of school events, and thank you notes or cards related to school events or services.
  2. Personal mail that is not eligible for inter-office mail can still be dropped into the inter-office bin to be sent directly to any department, faculty, or student box as long as it contains correct postage.  We will gladly assist in determining the correct postage for any mail pieces that require postage for direct box delivery.
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