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Dr. John. T. Christian, a noted Southern Baptist figure and church historian, collected numerous rare pamphlets and books in his travels. Other librarians, such as Nell Davis, continued procuring rare items of historical significance. Noted Southern Baptist church musicians and former faculty members of the school of music, William Plunkett Martin and Edmund Keith, collected rare hymnals.

The rare collections of the libraries are unique in that the main library rare collection has numerous items dating back into the 18th and 17th centuries; an autographed volume by C. H. Spurgeon noting that it [the volume] was his favorite book.  The collection includes 3 incunabula (books printed before 1501). Several rare manuscripts, including an 8th century Hebrew scroll, are on loan to the NOBTS Center for New Testament Textual Studies for display purposes and careful study. The music library rare collection has over 700 rare hymnals and Psalters; some dating back to the early 17th century.

John Etherington / Anabaptists pamphlet / 1644                 William Hussey / Answer Mr. Tombes / 1647

John Etherington, "The Anabaptists William Hussey, "An answer to
Groundwork for Reformation," 1644Mr. Tombes," 1647

Infant baptism mainteined                 14th century Psalter leaf (France?)

"Infant's Baptism Maintained," 1650 14th century Psalter leaf (France?)

                               spurgeon notes
C.H. Spurgeon, handwritten preaching notes
from Genesis 27:38

A new addition to the Martin Music Library resources is the  Online Center for Hymnological Research  (CHR), an online digital archive of the rare hymnals in the music library collection.   Dr. Ed Steele  has been the project manager and coordinator of this endeavor.  This on-going project provides PDFs of these rare documents for your perusal and research.

Amazing Grace tune first appears 1835

"Amazing Grace" words appear for first time with tune, NEW BRITAIN
in William Walker's "Southern Harmony," 1835.

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