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Academic Intensives

The following academic intensives are available for registration. Students must register online through the new Student Portal. If you need help registering, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office at

Syllabi for the graduate courses will be posted below and on the Graduate Intensives Web page as they are received. As of the Fall 2021 semester, tuition for each intensive on the main campus is $285 per credit hour up to a cap of $3,420 for SBC students (take up to 18 hours, pay for 12) and $465 per credit hour for non-SBC students. An off-campus program fee of $20 per credit hour is assessed for each course at all other locations.

The dates, classes, and teachers are listed below. Please note that some courses do not go an entire week, and special event courses may require additional fees.



Defend: A School of Christian Apologetics

 January 3-7, 2022

Please note: in addition to tuition, students will be charged the one-time conference fee of $120 when registering for any course(s) being taught in conjunction with this conference. For further information, see

PHIL5301-DEFEND -- Christian Apologetics
(Robert Stewart)

PHIL6305-DEFEND -- The Problem of Evil
(Robert Stewart)

PHIL6311/THEO6309-DEFEND -- Christianity and the Sciences
(Steve Lemke)

THEO6310-DEFEND -- The Historical Jesus
(Rhyne Putman)

ETHC5300-DEFEND -- Christian Ethics
(Jeffrey Riley)

THEO6305-DEFEND -- Contemporary Issues in Theology: Resurrection of Jesus
(Gary Habermas)



Spring 2022 Graduate Intensives


January 10-14, 2022

EVAN6354-JAN -- Great Revivals & Awakenings
(Preston Nix)

CCSW6366-JAN -- Social Work Practice with Children & Families
(Loretta Rivers)


February 4-5, 2022
New Orleans, LA
(ABIDE Conference)

CEWM6192/6292/6392-ABIDE -- Special Topics: Women's Min. Leadership
(Emily Dean)


February 12, 2022
New Orleans, LA
(RECHARGE Conference)

CECH6192/6292/6392-RECHARGE -- Special Topics: Weekday Education
(Donna Peavey)


March 14-18, 2022

CEAM6320-SPRBK -- Church Leadership & Administration
(Michael Wang and Brandon Phillips)

PATH6337-SPRBK -- Advanced Chaplaincy
(Larry Johnson)

ETHC6306-SPRBK -- Marriage and Family
(Larry Lyon)


April 21-22, 2022
FBC, Nashville
(BACE Conference)

DISC6192/6292/6392-BACE -- Special Topics in Discipleship
(Joe Sherrer)

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