NOBTS Apologetics

Come join us as we help equip you with the right tools to share your faith. Here at NOBTS we offer a multiple of Christian apologetic programs.

Our programs are run by some very respected and passionate thinkers and scholars in the field.

If you are someone who is interested in how both reason and faith can engage the world, then NOBTS is for you. We seek to train Christ followers to defend the faith and share the gospel for the glory of God.

Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics 45 hours

A professional degree that seeks to offer hands-on training in Christian Apologetics. Perfect for student ministry, evangelism, and cultural engagement. Already earned a seminary degree? Transfer in up to half the credit of this degree.

  • Biblical Studies: 12 hours
  • Theological and Historical Studies: 9 hours
  • Applied Ministry Studies: 6 hours
  • Christian Apologetics Core: 9 hours
  • Christian Apologetics Electives: 9 hours

Master of Arts (Apologetics) 51-52 hours

A research-oriented degree that prepares students to engage in scholarship. This degree prepares students to proceed to the doctoral level with little or no leveling work. Students will conclude this degree with a unique thesis-writing component.

  • Biblical Studies: 15 hours
  • Theological and Historical Studies: 12 hours
  • Applied Ministry Studies: 6 hours
  • Apologetics Core: 9 hours
  • Apologetics Electives: 6 hours
  • Summative Component: 3-4 hours

MDiv Christian Apologetics 87 hours

Get excellent training in Apologetics both practically and academically while receiving training in ministry. This degree provides students excellent preparation for doctoral studies.

  • Biblical Studies: 24 hours
  • Theological and Historical Studies: 21 hours
  • Applied Ministry Studies: 24 hours
  • Specialization Courses: 12 hours
  • Free Electives: 6 hours

PhD Christian Apologetics

Study Christian Apologetics at the highest level through on-campus study or through Online SYNC. Develop your skills as a scholar and lead the world of apologetics in research, writing, and defending the faith.
Apologetics Courses for the 2020-2021 Academic Year


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sorts of degrees in Apologetics are available at NOBTS?

A: We offer the following masters and doctoral degrees related to apologetics. 

Q: Can you earn any or all of the degrees online?

A: Yes, all of our masters degrees can be earned either residentially or at distance, including online.

Q: Can you proceed on to doctoral work from any or all of the degrees?

A: Yes, the MDiv with a specialization in Christian Apologetics, the MA (Apologetics), and the MDiv with a specialization in Islamic Studies are degrees from which you can proceed to a doctoral program, although different schools and programs have different entrance requirements.  Significant additional work would be required to enter a doctoral program with a MA in Christian Apologetics.

Q: Can I transfer some or all of my credit from a previous degree or previous graduate work?

A: Yes.  Credit for up to half the degree can that you pursue can be transferred in from a previously earned degree.  If you have not completed the degree yet, all applicable hours from an appropriately accredited school may be applied toward your degree.

Q: How many hours must be earned through NOBTS?

A: At least one-third of the degree must be earned from NOBTS.* 

Q: I already have an undergraduate hours in religion.  Can that help me? 

A: Possibly. For more information on how you can save time and money earning a degree at NOBTS, go to the Baptist College Partnership Program (BCPP).

Q: How much is NOBTS tuition?

A: Because NOBTS is an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention tuition for every Southern Baptist student is significantly discounted because of the Cooperative Program.  The Southern Baptist graduate hourly tuition cost is $225 per hour.  The non-Southern Baptist graduate tuition cost is $335 per hour.  (There are additional fees for online courses, hybrid courses, and off-campus courses.)

*The registrar will have to assess your transcript.  NOBTS is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). 

I praise God for the training I received in apologetics during my time in New Orleans. We need to know how to best share God's word in the power of God's Spirit with people who have a variety of different beliefs and worldviews, and training in apologetics is invaluable toward that end.

David Platt

Former President

International Mission Board

Southern Baptist Convention