George Muller

George Muller

 by Christina M. Sebastian

      Over my fifteen years of ministry I have longed to serve the Lord without pay. My desire has been for the Lord to give me the financial means to surrender my ministry salary. I have not, for one moment, thought to take a leap of faith, refuse my salary, and trust God to provide for all of my needs; yet, that is exactly the example seen in the life of George Muller.

     George Muller was a man who possessed deep faith and personal devotion to the Lord. He lived out his faith through a consecrated prayer life where he depended completely on the Lord to supply all o his needs. Muller, through faith, cared for thousands of orphaned children, and developed the Scriptural Knowledge Institution where he taught God's word to hundreds of people, distributed Bibles and tracks, gave support to missionaries, and provided training to ministers. Muller had little worldly wealth and possessions, but instead through faith expressed in prayer he relied upon the Lord's provision to provide all of his needs—without asking or expressing need to anyone. Muller believed that one should never wait until everything is in place to carry out their mission from God, but rather place their full faith in Him to provide all they need to carry out the mission.

     Through faith in prayer, George Muller lived out true obedience to Christ as he offered life and love to hundreds of orphaned children. He provided a way for hundreds of others to come to know the Lord and to grow in God's wisdom through his day schools. George Muller was a man of great faith making known his requests only to the Lord, trusting Him solely to provide money, food, health, and words to preach. He arose everyday spending hours with the Lord in prayer, carrying a spirit of prayer with hm throughout his day, and calling together those who joined him in his work for special meetings of prayer. Muller did not move into action nor lie in rest without complete reliance upon God through prayer. May we rely solely on God to direct our steps and supply all of our needs through faith in prayer.

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