If you have any questions during this time of many changes, please reach out to Dr. Randy Stone, administrative assistant Kelxy Rowell, or one of the DML faculty. We will be happy to help you and answer questions. Know that we are praying for you as you adjust to your new normal.

Graduate Student Resources:

Schedules and Rotations

Graduate Course Schedule:

2020-2021 Graduate Schedules

Course Rotation:

Tentative 2020-2022 DML Course Rotation


MACE  Residential Student      Distance Student

MADi  Residential Student      Distance Student

MDivCE Residential Student    Distance Student

MDiv Collegiate Residential Student    Distance Student

MDiv Leadership & Administration  Residential Student  Distance Student

Tracking Sheets:



MDiv Christian Education

MDiv Leadership & Administration

MDiv Collegiate Ministry


Course Substitution Form:


The Disciplers' Handbook- Dr. Rick Yount

Research Design and Statistical Analysis in Christian Ministry 

Writing Resources:

NOBTS Writing Center

2019-2020 Manual of Form and Style

Doctoral Student Resources:

PhD Course Schedules

EdD Course Schedules

ProDoc Course Schedules

PhD Schedule Rotation

PhD CE Flow Chart

EdD Flow Chart

DMin Flow Chart

DEdMin Flow Chart

Entrance Exam Reading List and Study Guide

Additional PhD Resources

Additional EdD Resources

Additional ProDoc Resources

Faculty Resources:

Graduate Syllabus Template

Supervised Reading Colloquium Syllabus Template

Syllabus NOBTS Logo

Independent Directed Study Proposal Template

Travel Request Authorization Form

Travel Expense Form

Updating Faculty Page Guide

Course Contracts Form

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