Student Services

             **학생을 위한 학교 요청양식들**


1. 대학원

NOBTS Student Request Forms

Drop & Add form

Withdrawal form

Late Registration Form

장학금신청 (Scholarship Application)

성적증명서 (Transcript Request Form)

재학 증명서 (Enrollment Verification Form)

학점인정 신청(Transcript Evaluation)

졸업신청 (Apply for Graduation)

Readmission Form

Spousal Tuition Discount program

수강신청 (Self Serve)

블랙보드 사용 (Blackboard)


NOBTS 행정 담당자

입학,  I-20 문의, 복학에 관한 문의 Admissions Counselor, /

졸업문의, 학점인정문의 Academic Counselor,

재학생 등록문의  Assistant Registrar,

성적증명서, 재학증명서 문의 Transcript Officer,

Main Phone Number

 504-282-4455 ext. 3304

 800-662-8701 ext. 3304

2. 대학교(학부)

Leavell College Student Request Forms

Drop & Add or Withdrawal Form

장학금 신청 (Scholarship Application)

Control Sheet Request Form

성적증명서 (Transcript Request Form)

학점인정신청 (Transcript Evaluation Request Form)

Enrollment Verification Form/Transient Student Letter Request

Readmission Form

Spousal Tuition Discount program

졸업신청 (Apply for Graduation)

수강신청 (Self Service)

블랙보드 사용 (Blackboard)

Leavell College 행정 담당자

입학 담당:

등록 문의:

학점 인정 문의:

성적증명서, 재학증명서 문의: Transcript Officer,

Main Phone Number

(504) 282-4455 ext. 8590

(800) 662-8701 ext. 8590 - toll-free


 NOBTS Student Service List

 Advising-Graduate Program;504.282.4455x3312; Website 

Advising-Undergraduate Program;504.816.8590 ; Website 

Church Minister Relations(for ministry jobs);504.282.4455 x3291; Website 

Financial Aid; 504.282.4455 x3348; Website

PREP(help to avoid student debt);504.816.8091 ; Website    

Gatekeeper-NOBTS news;504.816.800 ; Website  

Information Technology Center;504.816.8180 ; Website 

Help with Blackboard;504.816.8180 ; Website  

Library;504.816.8018 ; Website   

Online library resources ;504-816-8018; Website 

Writing and Turabian style help;504.816.819 ; Website 

Guest Housing(Providence Guest House);504.282.4455 x4455; Website  

Student Counseling;504.816.8004 ; Website   

Women’s Programs;504.282.4455.x 3334;  Website  

This is a partial list of NOBTS student services available to all students, no matter your delivery system or location. 

If you have questions or do not see what you need here, please refer to , email us at , or call the Dean of Students office at 800-662-8701, ext. 3283.

We are glad to assist you!

For additional library resources in your state, check (GALILEO for Georgia Students)


Technical Support

Need technical  assistance? Contact the ITC today!  - Email for  technical  questions/ sup port   requests with the site (Access to online registration, financial account, online transcript, etc.)      - Email for  technical questions/ suppor t  requests with the NOBTS Blackboard Learning Management System    - Email for general  technical  questions/ s upport  requests.
504.816.8180      - Call for any  technical questions/ suppor t  requests.  - General NOBTS  technical help information is provided on this website.
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