Customized Studies

What is the Leavell Center?

Located on the campus of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, the Leavell Center seeks to motivate and equip professional and lay church leaders for evangelism and church growth in a rapidly changing world, provide access to all available resources for evangelism and church health, provide a context for research and reflection on evangelism and church health, and develop evangelistic growth and health strategies.


Customizing a Study for You

We ask about your ministry vision, the strengths of your church, and specific ministries God has been blessing.  We identify people in your area who are compatible with the active members of your church.  We help church planters identify which segments of a given population are most similar to their own background and ministry experiences. Reports offered at the Leavell Center provide insight for anyone seeking to do ministry within specific language groups, age groups, races, family size, or income level.


Hard Data Profiles

Demographic profiles can be produced for almost any size area, up to an entire state.  Study areas can be defined by concentric rings, zip codes, counties, or custom drawn boundaries.  We can also produce a study based on the time it takes to drive to your church (or any other address) from all directions.  Once we determine the custom study area, we will create a report that will show the demographic information through population, age, race, MOSAIC lifestyle groups, income levels, and various other traits. The Mosaic is a description of All American households broken down into 19 people groups, the people groups have been classified into 70 specific types or segments. Descriptions of each Mosaic Group and Segment provide detailed analyzes of cultural values and practices.

Customized Demographic Analysis

Your entire demographic study (charts, maps, highlights, & implications) is formatted into PowerPoint slides.  The presentation will then be electronically sent where you can download all the information. Along with the PowerPoint Presentation, the hard data and maps will be sent so you can print them out or use them as needed. MicroGrid Density Maps are used in the PPT. Micro grid maps come in 3 sizes to indicate population density. Whenever the population in a MicroGrid exceeds 2,000 it is divided into MicroGrids of the next smaller size. The smaller the MicroGrid the denser the population is in the given area.

Geocoding and Profiling

With an excel list of addresses, we can then mark each address and show each address in the thematic maps that will be included in the custom demographic analysis. We can also use our Profiling software to show the percentage of your group that belongs to each of the 71 MOSAIC Lifestyle Groups.  Geocoded Maps and Profiling are very useful to compare the demographics of your congregation verses the demographics of your community.

10 Year Internal Analysis

What are the growth patterns in your church over the past 10 years? We use the Annual Church Profile (ACP) to chart the performance of any SBC church in attendance, Sunday School (by age group), membership, giving, etc. This information is presented using PowerPoint graphs.

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