Mentoring Courses


Who Can Take a Mentoring Course?


Any student from any degree program is welcome to take a course that is offered in the mentoring format. Students who choose to pursue the Master of Divinity (Mentoring Track) can earn up to 34 hours towards their degree by taking courses in the mentoring format.

The two primary courses for the Master of Divinity (Mentoring Track) are:

These "Mentoring in" courses are offered in 3 or 6 hour options. Courses can be taken in any option for up to 12 hours of credit. 

The remaining courses offered with a mentored component are listed below:

It is possible for a student to earn up to 21 hours of academic credit by taking courses with the mentored component in most MDiv specialization degrees.


How is a Mentoring Course Different from Other Formats?


Mentoring courses are one of the formats NOBTS offers in getting course credit. We offer on-campus courses, hybrid courses, online courses, mentoring courses, etc. In the mentoring course, you meet weekly with a mentor while completing the online assignments you receive from your professor. Students choose their desired mentor for the course they are taking, but mentors have to meet certain requirements.  You meet with your mentor one hour each week. You talk the first half about your spiritual journey, how you’re doing in your ministry setting, etc. The last half (and an additional 30 minutes per course you are taking) is focused on discussing your course work. Most professors upload weekly videos and give you scenarios to talk about regarding the class work for the week. Your mentor can give you examples of how particular situations have played in his/her experience. This helps you get that in-class discussion you would get in an on-campus course. You are still required to complete the assignments as they are assigned through Blackboard. You also will need to complete a certain number of hours in the ministry setting (it varies with each class) to fulfill the requirements of the mentorship during the semester. How many hours you are expected to fulfill is mentioned in each syllabus for the mentoring course. 

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