Old Testament and Hebrew Resources

Listservs and Discussion Groups

  • AIBI-L: on-going forum and meeting place for AIBI members and others who wish to join the discussion of issues related to the computerised-analysis of Biblical and related texts. Send email to listserv@acadvm1.uottawa.ca In the body of the message type SUB AIBI-L <your name>. Substitute your name for " <your name>".
  • ANE: ANE is dedicated to topics related to the ancient Near East up to the rise of Islam. To join this list, send the message "subscribe ANE" (without the quotation marks) to majordomo@oi.uchicago.edu.
  • B-ARAMAIC: focuses on study of the Aramaic Bible and related texts -- to subscribe
  • B-HEBREW: for the study of the Hebrew Bible -- to subscribe
  • HEBLANG: discussion on development of Hebrew language; some biblical Hebrew -- to subscribe
  • J-SEMINAR: Judaic seminar where Tanach discussed on advanced level -- to subscribe
  • MIQRA - discussion list for academic study of Hebrew Bible -- under auspices of SBL -- to subscribe
  • PESHITTA: (Leiden Peshitta Institute) topics relating to the Peshitta -- to subscribe
  • TC-LIST: majordomo@shemesh.scholar.emory.edu - discussion for matters relating to biblical textual criticism -- to subscribe

Internet Resources

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