A New Measure of Youth Ministry Effectiveness

Is Your Ministry Focus too Limited?

Are you focusing solely on one aspect of youth ministry - teenagers in a youth group? To develop life-long faith in students you should broaden your perspective to include teenagers in families and teenagers in the congregation.

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Youth Ministry Arenas

Teenagers in the Youth Group

Youth ministries with an emphasis on discipleship in a caring and welcoming community provide opportunities for spiritual growth

Teenagers in Families

Youth ministries that understand parents are the single most influential factor in shaping a student's faith prioritize intentional family connections

Teenagers in the Congregation

Youth ministries with an emphasis on connection to the larger church body provide opportunities for intergenerational relationships

Youth Ministry Arenas Assessment

We have designed the Youth Ministry Arenas Assessment to provide vital insights about your ministry to teenagers. You will see your results immediately after the assessment and you will have the opportunity to download a free PDF containing feedback and action steps based on your score.

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