Current and Ongoing Projects

Ongoing projects at the CNTTS include the following:

  • Continuous development of a comprehensive searchable, electronic database of variants in the entire New Testament,
  • Development and maintenance of a website devoted to New Testament textual studies,
  • Development of an English-based, searchable commentary for the purposes of exegesis,
  • Creation of replica New Testament papyri for the purposes of study and display,
  • Cooperation with current efforts in the field of New Testament textual studies in order to provide access to texts and textual data for the scholarly community,
  • Advancement of the possibilities for NOBTS students to engage in in-depth study of the New Testament text through the collation of manuscripts and the analysis of manuscript relations and features.
  • Ongoing collation work on numerous New Testament manuscripts,
  • Workshops or independent continuing education opportunities for visiting scholars and students,
  • Formal study, including two separate Master's level courses in textual criticism and two Ph.D. doctoral seminars. The M.A./M.Div. courses include a general introduction to NT TC and an advanced study of palaeography and manuscript reading/collating. The Ph.D. seminars emphasize methodology issues, current trends, and specialized manuscript studies alongside the research of the student.

Collaborating on the Database

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