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What's New in Version 2.4:

Added new data.
Updated the user interface:
• For those manuscripts that are located in multiple locations (e.g. 022) you will not longer see the manuscript name listed multiple times.
• Choosing a particular manuscript name will take you the manuscript data page. A picker will cycle through each location for that particular manuscript name.
• Look for the picker at the right hand side of the location data. If no picker is present then that particular manuscript only has one location.
• Note that if you get to the a manuscript data page through the Libraries tab, then you will only see that location.
Fixed some bugs.


NT Greek MSS is a list of catalogued Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament. Each entry lists the basic information for the selected manuscript: ID, contents, date, material, folios, columns, lines per page, city, library, and call numbers. In addition to a searchable list of the manuscripts, three other tabs are available which group the manuscripts by Date, Library, and Books of the NT. The Date tab allows the user to choose a century and the app then lists the manuscripts which are catalogued for that century, e.g. select VI and the list will include V/VI, VI, and VI/VII century manuscripts. The Libraries tab displays a list of cities, then library (or libraries if there are more than one in the selected city), then a list of available manuscripts in the selected library with call numbers included in the manuscript description. The books of the NT tab will allow the user to choose a book of the NT and the app then lists the manuscripts which contain contents of that particular book.

• search NT MSS by GA number
• search by century groups
• search by city and library
• search by books of the NT
• see links to online images (when available)

A primary source for the information in the app was the Kurzgefasste Liste, the recognized standard for referencing NT Greek manuscripts:

Kurzgefaßte Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments 2. neubearbeitete und ergänzte Auflage. In Verbindung mit Michael Welte, Beate Köster und Klaus Junack bearbeitet von Kurt Aland, Berlin/New York: DeGruyter 1994, ISBN 3-11-011986-2 (ANTF 1).

Other sources include the CNTTS Critical Apparatus Manuscript Listings, standard NTTC reference works such as those by Metzger/Ehrman and Aland/Aland, the INTF Virtual Manuscript Room, the CSNTM web site, and a few other online links to images.

In addition to the basic search functions, links to online images of the manuscripts are included when available. As the number of online images grows (more and more are added everyday), we will add the links as they come available. Just touch the “show image” button and the app will take you to Safari and display the web site on which the image is posted. Be advised that images may be quite large and consume significant portions of your data plan, unless you are connecting via wifi.

Should you know of image links, please send us an email at hcnttsapp@nobts.edu  with the manuscript and weblink. We will be happy to include these in the next update. Of course, as new manuscripts are published and catalogued, we will update the list accordingly. Our goal is to provide a useful app, free of charge, that the NT TC community will find useful in its studies. Thus, should any changes be noted in the information, please contact us at hcnttsapp@nobts.edu  with the information and we will review your suggestions.

For Inquiries or Support: hcnttsapp@nobts.edu.

Screen Shots

You can search for manuscripts by Gregory-Aland number:

By MSS Screenshot

You can search for manuscripts by century:

By Date

You can search for manuscripts by city and library:

By Library

You can search for manuscripts by NT book:

By NT Book
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