Post Office Department Policies




Effective April 25, 2016



Department Mail Authorization

  1. Authorization for an individual to access department packages, mail, and mail box combination is determined by the department’s “Agents” list on the department’s PackageLog account.
  2. In cases of personnel turnover, departments should update the PackageLog “Agents” list with anyone newly authorized to retrieve department mail.
  3. We request that departments only send authorized personnel who can obtain the box combination to receive mail or packages since the “Agents” list authorizes both mail retrieval and combination access. 
  4. Due to consistent security measures, mail intended for an individual within a department or a third party in care of a department must only be obtained by someone authorized to obtain department mail.
  5. Since post office box authorization is up to the department with the PackageLog “Agents” list, we recommend that the security of the department mail be taken into account when allotting or removing department mail authorization.

Department Mail Retrieval Procedures and Policies

  1. Since the notification of package delivery is primarily by email, we request that departments check their primary email account or their PackageLog account to determine if a package has been delivered for the department.  The post office will be happy to assist in looking for missing packages, but will need the tracking number of any missing packages to assist in finding them.
  2. PackageLog notifications indicate when a package has been properly logged and is ready to be picked up.  Packages are not available for picked up until these messages have been sent regardless of carrier delivery notifications. 
  3. To ensure mail security, mail recipients will be required to either provide a department PackageLog PIN number or a photo ID for package or mail box combination retrieval.
  4. For security, no department post office boxes should be left jammed, open, or set to an unlocked position.  Although leaving the box unlocked may be convenient, it compromises the safety of school business mail and packages placed in the box and may cause problems with the US Postal Service in the event of a facility check. 
    1. To ensure that the box is able to properly lock, please spin the combination lock after use so that it is able to reset. 
    2. Since the post office cannot ensure the safety of mail in unlocked mail boxes, any department whose box is found to be open or jammed assumes liability for any missing mail or packages that would normally be placed in that box.  The post office will email departments whose box is found to be open as a reminder of the policy and liability for the department’s mail. 
    3. To further ensure mail security and accuracy, all mail in department mail boxes will no longer be given out over the counter and mail boxes will not be manually opened by post office staff.  If an authorized recipient needs assistance with the box or a new copy of the combination, we will be more than happy to supply that combination and demonstrate how to open the box for that person. 


Department Metering Guidelines

  1. We ask that departments deliver outgoing mail to the post office at least one hour before the normal pickup time (by 3:30) if possible to ensure that it is sent out the same day.  We understand that emergency situations occur, and we will attempt to help out when these requested times cannot be met. 
  2. For large mailings requiring $300 or more of meter funds (generally 650 or more regular letters, 20 or more medium boxes), we ask that the department give the post office prior notice of 3 days to ensure that funds will be available when the mailing is dropped off.  To maintain normal operation for the school and outside customers, large shipment metering will be suspended when we no longer have enough funds to sustain daily shipment services while awaiting the funds to transfer.  
  3. Please separate all sealed and unsealed mail and ensure that unsealed letters are stacked with the flaps closed on each envelope and facing the same direction.
  4. Please ensure that all outgoing mail includes the full department name in or adjacent the return address.  This assists us both in determining the correct billing account and the correct sender in case the mail is returned.  
  5. USPS tubs are available upon request for the convenience of departments with large post office mail-outs

Carrier and Shipping Method Preferences

  1. If an alternate, private carrier (FedEx and UPS) is desired, please write either the name of the specific carrier or the words “Private Carrier” on top of the parcel.  For faster shipping methods with these carriers, please write the number of days that you would like the package to arrive in, and we will ensure that it is sent accordingly.
  2. All unmarked items are sent with the standard USPS First Class (up to 13 ounces) or Priority (over 13 ounces) services.  For specific USPS shipping methods please write one of the following designations on the item:
    1. “First Class” – First Class if under 13 ounces; Priority if over
    2. “Priority” – Priority Mail regardless of weight
    3. “Standard” – Slower ground method over 13 ounces
    4. “Media” – Slower ground method for bound, printed, or recorded, published materials only (books, magazines, CD’s, records, etc.)

Insurance and Extra Services Shipping Preferences

  1. Insurance
    1. Please fill out insurance amounts for USPS packages on the proper USPS insurance form when dropping off the parcel. 
    2. Please write the insurance amount for a private carrier (UPS or FedEx) on the package below the carrier name.
  2. Tracking Numbers and Invoices
    1. When shipping with USPS, please request tracking numbers upon dropping off the parcel.
    2. If shipping with a private carrier, we will automatically print a tracking number on an invoice and send it to your department. 


Incoming Mail Address Guidelines

  1. To ensure accurate delivery, please ensure that all incoming department mail is accompanied by a person’s or department’s name found in the Campus Directory.  Adjunct professors and department staff not listed on the campus directory may not be known to the post office staff.

Freight Shipments

  1. Due to our space limitations and the lack of access to a loading dock at our facility, we are unable to receive freight shipments larger than a partial pallet.  For shipments larger than a partial pallet, arrangements must be made with another department that has access to a loading dock prior to the freight arrival. 
  2. Please notify the post office in advance for expected partial pallet freight shipments to ensure that staffing is available to assist in receiving the shipment. 

Inter-Office Mail Guidelines

  1. Due to our contract with the Post Office, inter-office mail is restricted to school related business, or anything that is considered school related between faculty, staff, and departments or between a student and faculty, staff, or a department.  Eligible inter-office mail includes anything related to a function of the school including academic assignments, school event flyers, and thank you notes or cards related to school activity.
  2. Personal mail that is not eligible for inter-office mail can still be dropped into the inter-office bin to be sent directly to any department, faculty, or student box as long as it contains correct postage.  Inter-office mail is only deliverable to NOBTS Post Office mail box holders, and all other mail must be mailed out. 
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