Foundation Board


Behind the Seminary's beauty, behind the availability and quality of education for its students, behind its facilities for the seminary families stands a team of men and women who care.

They are pastors, businessmen, lawyers, homemakers, teachers -- people from all walks of life who are concerned that seminary life be a positive time of encouragement, growth, and learning for students and their families...people like YOU.

The Foundation Board of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary was established in September of 1965 with the purpose of encouraging and motivating individuals to share of their material possessions. These gifts are used to build an endowment, the interest of which funds special projects each year to benefit the seminary.

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Some of these projects may include:

  • renovating and improving existing facilities
  • building new facilities
  • providing classroom furniture and other needed items.
  • providing other recreation facilities for the students and their families.

By being a part of the Foundation Board, you will also have the opportunity to be involved directly in the student's lives. You may want to:

  • be actively involved in student enlistment in your hometown and state.
  • provide scholarships or other financial aid for enrolled students.
  • provide aid for students' emergency needs or other avenues of support.

However, perhaps the most important function in which you can be involved as a member of our Foundation Board is PRAYER

  • for our administration
  • for our faculty
  • for our students
  • for the city of New Orleans

YOU can make a difference today in the lives of our ministers, teachers, counselors, musicians, and missionaries of tomorrow.

To learn more about the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's Foundation Board, please e-mail us at the Office for Institutional Advancement or call us at 1-504-816-8224.

Officers for 2023/2024

Mr. Jack Hunter

Vice Chair
Dr. Chris Townson

Recording Secretary
Dr. Jerry Pounds

Dr. Larry Lyon

Executive Secretary
Dr. Mike Wetzel

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