Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is my donation tax deductible? Your charitable gifts to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary are tax deductible in accordance with current law.
  2. I want to help, but really cannot afford to give right now. What can I do? Through careful financial and estate planning, with guidance from tax and legal advisors, you can make plans now for the seminary to receive your gift later. Deferred gifts may include life income plans such as Charitable Remainder Trusts, designating the seminary as an heir or insurance beneficiary, or memorializing a loved one through an endowment. An endowment is "the gift that keeps on giving," because the principal of the gift is invested for growth over time, producing interest which may be spent each year as designated by you, the donor.
  3. Do you accept gifts from credit cards? Yes, we accept donations form credit cards, In fact, you may click on the “Make a Gift” button at the top of this page to give on-line. We honor credit cards from the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover financial networks.
  4. My employer will match donations that I make to my favorite charity. Will the seminary accept contributions from charitable gift-matching programs? Yes, we will be happy to work with you and your employer for matching gifts.


"Money should never come between a student and God's calling."

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