Program Materials

A collection of helpful information appears below for all our current students.  On this page you will find various forms relating to the EdD program. The Doctor of Education Handbook also may be found here. If you have any problems or concerns, please let us know at .

Doctor of Education Handbook

The Doctor of Education Handbook contains policies related to the structure of the EdD program and procedures for students as they move through the program. Amendments to the handbook are communicated in the handbook itself, so students are responsible to be aware of changes.

Doctor of Education Handbook 

EdD Flowchart

The EdD Flowchart is a document that shows the chronological process of the EdD program.  The EdD student should stay in close contact with their Faculty Advisor (if less than 24 hours completed) or their Chairperson (if completed 24 hours in the program and Letter of Intent approved) during all phases of the EdD program.  The student is responsible for completing all required forms and communicating to their Faculty Advisor or Chairperson their intended timeline for each element in the EdD program.

EdD Flowchart

Navigating the Program

Recommended Academic Plan

Rotating Schedule

EdD Seminar Grid

The EdD Seminar Grid shows the required and elective components of the EdD program.  This document allows the student to navigate his/her course work.

EdD Seminar Grid (2018-2019)

EdD Tracking Sheet

updated 3/15/2018

EdD Tracking Sheet

The Tracking sheet is available in Word format upon request. Please contact the EdD Office at

Student Forms

Faculty Forms

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