Performing Groups

Crescent City Praise


Seminary Chorus

This choral organization is comprised of men and women from the seminary family. Music students are required to enroll for a varying range of  semesters depending on their degree plan. This group learns music literature from the maor Western time periods, performing at least one major (e.g., a Haydn Mass) or minor choral work (e.g., a Bach Cantata) each year as well as singing for chapel services several times each semester.

NOBTS Singers 

The NOBTS  Singers are comprised of seminary students, staff, and faculty. Music literature of many periods is learned and performed on and off campus. The group also learns a program primarily aimed at ministering to the local church through praise and proclamation. A tour is taken each spring semester and local concerts are performed in the fall semester. The NOBTS Singers may also be asked to help with chapel services. 


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