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NOBTS and Leavell College Branding and Visual Identity

The brand of an organization involves much more than colors, logos, slogans, and designs. The brand is the way people, both inside and outside, think about the organization. A brand develops over time as people discover and connect with the core values and mission of an organization. Consistency of the look, tone, and messaging plays a vital role in establishing and maintaining a brand.

Use of Seminary Logos, Trademarks or Images

The Office of Communications & Marketing is tasked with maintaining brand consistency for the seminary and securing promotional material (printed or digital). All seminary and college publications designed for external use should be designed in consultation with the Office of Communications (both printed and digital). Any communications piece or digital promotional endeavors not designed by the Communications Team must seek approval from the Director of Communications before publication or printing. Do not use New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary or Leavell College logos or trademarks on any materials, including but not limited to print/digital materials, merchandise, affiliated social media accounts, or email correspondences, without written permission from the Office of Communications & Marketing. See our full "Logo and Branding Usage Policy" here.

NOBTS and Leavell College Branding/Visual Identity Guide

The NOBTS and Leavell College branding and visual identity guide provides the direction needed to foster consistency across all our branding efforts – from small in-house communication pieces to major publications and campaigns. The guide covers the proper usage of colors, logos, and fonts and introduces the seminary community to key branding messages currently used by NOBTS/Leavell College.





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