Hurricane Preparation Tips

Helpful Tips

Financial Planning

Start an Evacuation/Emergency Fund
Evacuations can be expensive. The cost of a short evacuation adds up quickly with fuel/travel, food and other expenses. Longer evacuation can create an intense, financial burden for seminary families. Planning ahead can offset some of this financial strain. It is best to set aside a small amount of money each month in a personal evacuation/emergency fund. Small sacrifices each month can help families avoid financial hardships in the wake of an evacuation.

Buy Groceries with Evacuations in Mind
Throwing out the contents of a fully-stocked refrigerator/freezer can be costly. Bringing perishable food along during an evacuation is not always an option. Many residents of hurricane-prone areas have learned to keep less perishable food on hand during hurricane season (June 1-Nov. 30). Keeping a lightly stocked refrigerator/freezer can save families hundreds of dollars during an evacuation.

Plan Your Evacuation Spot Wisely
For students with family nearby, evacuation locations can be easy to determine. However, many student families do not have family nearby. The Dean of Students office can offer suggestions of safe shelters for these families. Hotels are not a good option for most students, due to the cost. Plan ahead, long before a storm inters the Gulf, to avoid a cost hotel stay during an evacuation. Families are encouraged to ask other seminary families how they have managed evacuations in the past.

Communication during an Evacuation

Your ability to receive updates from the seminary is vital during an evacuation. Updates are sent via the seminary website ( and text and voice messages.

 Free Wi-Fi Hotspots
At some evacuation locations, students do not have access to an internet connection. However, a number of businesses now offer free wireless internet for customers with laptop computers. For instance, many McDonald's restaurants offer free internet. Many coffee shops also provide free Wi-Fi for their customers.

Free Computer/Internet Usage
Don't have a laptop? Most public libraries provide computers with internet access for their visitors.

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