Student Organizations

The Student Life office is privileged to work closely with the student organizations of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. A brief description is provided for each organization.  Please contact the Student Life Office for more information or how to connect with these groups at or 504.816.8427.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

BCM at NOBTS exists to work with student life to provide an engaging experience by providing community building on campus and missional living opportunities throughout the New Orleans Metro area.


Cody Masters, Associate BCM Director 

Black Seminarians

Black Seminarians exists to provide fellowship opportunities and encouragement for Black students of both Leavell College and NOBTS.


Jessica Carptenter, President of Black Seminarians

Dead Preachers Society

The purpose of the Dead Preachers Society is to encourage preachers in the passionate proclamation of His word through weekly meetings and other special events.


Dr. Blake Newsom, DPS

Korean Student Fellowship

This organization helps care for Korean students by encouraging and equipping them spiritually and physically to do the work of God.


Yosub Woo, President of Korean Student Fellowship

Hispanic Student Fellowship

The purpose of this organization is to encourage the spiritual growth of Hispanic students of
the Seminary and Leavell College and promote fellowship among them and other students who
sense a calling or interest to work in ministries within the Hispanic population.


Shaale Mirabal, President of Hispanic Student Fellowship

NOBTS Student Counselor Association

This student association seeks to encourage and foster a community that will aid in professional development and promote the collaboration of diversified skills and talents as each individual pursues the call of God in the counseling ministry. We seek to provide opportunities for training and certification in various counseling skills areas. The NOBTS Student Counselor Association welcomes students/faculty of all backgrounds who are interested.


Jamie May, President of Student Counselor Association

Student Chaplain Fellowship

The Chaplain Fellowship is a student-led, faculty-sponsored organization established to build a healthy and strong Christian fellowship that will equip students for Spirit-led chaplaincy ministries beyond seminary. This organization provides fellowship, learning, and resources to NOBTS students interested in chaplaincy.


Dr. Harwood

Student Theological Fellowship

Student Theological Fellowship is a student-led organization whose purpose is to complement and enrich the student's theological education.


Dr. Tommy Doughty, Faculty Advisor

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