Ministry Services for Churches

Need Resumes?

Churches seeking to fill vacant ministry positions may request resumes. The CMR Staff will take the pertinent information concerning the position and the church to perform a search on our Ministry Connections database. Matching resumes to the position requested will be emailed.

If you represent a church search committee or a para-church organization and would like to receive resumes or post an opening in your organization, please click here.

Need an Interim?

The CMR Office can assist you with candidates for interim positions. Administrators, faculty, staff and students are available at any given time to serve. Please email the CMR office to make your request--click here.

Looking for Someone to Supply?

The CMR Office can provide a list of potential individuals to fill-in or supply. Churches within a commute of our seventeen campuses or extension centers can request for such candidates by indicating the church location and need. Please contact the CMR Office to make your request by clicking here. To view a list of our campuses and extension centers, go here.

Search Committee Assistance

The CMR office may assist search committees in their process in providing helpful resources or connect you to a faculty member for thorough training. Contact the CMR office for more information -- click here. In light of technological advancement and social networking, please coordinate the announcement of a new staff member to ensure the individual has adequate time to share his or her resignation with the current church without a problem emerging.

For helpful resources, please see below:

Constructive Approaches to Calling a Minister

Possible Interview Questions

Interviewing a Possible Candidate

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