Ministry Services for Students/Alumni

Desiring a Ministry Position?

The CMR Office will assist you in activating a resume account in our Ministry Connections Resume Referral System. The system is internet based and allows you to fill out your personal profile, upload a resume and publish it to a resume book. To activate an account, go to Student/Alumni Resume Activation.

Need assistance in developing a Resume?

The CMR Staff can assist you with some ideas and thoughts on how to put together a ministry resume. While there are no hard set rules to conform to, you may find our suggested guidelines helpful. For more information, guidelines, and some sample resumes, go to Resume Helps.

Working with a Search Committee

The CMR Staff can provide some basic training and helpful resources on how to work with a search committee. While each search committee is different, there are some skills and information that could be helpful to the ministerial candidate. For more information and guidance through the interview process, check out our Interview Guide.

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