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What Is the Providence Fund?

"The Providence fund was there for me when I needed it most, and it is a joy to pay that blessing forward."

- P.J.DUNN, alumnus

The Providence Fund is the fastest way to impact the greatest number of students.

From the earliest days, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) has been known as the "School of Providence and Prayer." There is no more fitting way to describe NOBTS.  Only through God's hand of providence has the seminary been able to weather the financial storms of the Great Depression, overcome the challenges of Hurricane Katrina, and grow to be one of the world's largest seminaries.

Today, NOBTS is training more than 3,900 men and women who have answered God's call to gospel ministry.  God has truly blessed New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as we have prayed and received His provision. 

In addition to the wonderful support of Southern Baptists through the Cooperative Program, God has blessed the seminary through consistent gifts made by individual givers. The Providence Fund is the Annual Fund for NOBTS and makes a significant impact on the life of every NOBTS student, faculty, and staff member. Thank you for considering giving to this way-making fund. 

*The Providence Fund keeps costs as low as possible to help students answer God's call to ministry.


Why Give?

"I’ve probably learned the most from people who are desperate for God and even desperate for His faithfulness to provide for their every need. I had friends in seminary who were blessed immensely by the Providence Fund and I love how God used that in their lives to bless them and others. Seeing that grew my faith exponentially."
- LEAH BROWN, alumnus


Your gift provides a means of expressing gratitude for a life-changing experience as an NOBTS student, a “thank you” for shaping minds for ministry, a personal stamp of approval of the current strategic direction, vision, and belief that N.O.B.T.S. can and will make a difference with today’s students.


Our students spend their days engaged in lively discussion with professors and classmates, working in the community, and finding time to squeeze family and fun in between. Nearly 4 of every 10 NOBTS students receive financial assistance making their experience possible, and the ability of the seminary to meet their need is contingent upon the generosity of our supporters. We count on your partnership and ongoing support to help keep tuition affordable for those called by God to pursue a theological education. Every dollar you give is a dollar that does not have to come out of a student’s pocket!


No matter the size, every gift makes a difference and counts as a positive vote for the future of NOBTS and its students. For the alumni community, a gift is the greatest measure by which the seminary can gauge approval of educational satisfaction. When you give, your generosity inspires participation from others which in turn helps NOBTS secure even larger gifts from corporations and foundations who look at alumni contribution giving percentages as a prerequisite when considering fund distribution. 


Financial support is central to NOBTS’ efforts when recruiting and retaining the best students, faculty, and staff. In addition, the seminary must keep its curriculum, technology, facilities, and equipment up to date if it is to provide excellent theological training.


Tuition doesn’t cover the cost of educating students. It doesn’t now, nor will it in the future. In fact, costs are outpacing the seminary’s sources of revenue, and private support must continue to increase in order to maintain the quality of education provided by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


It costs approximately $55,000 a day for the seminary to operate. And despite unsettled economics, enrollment at NOBTS is continuing to grow! This makes private financial support more crucial than ever before. When you give to the Providence Fund you are standing in the gap of rising tuition costs by maintaining innovative learning spaces. These spaces are necessary for professors to teach students the fundamental and urgent global cause of making disciples in all nations. Without your support, this critical training would not be possible.

Please join us as we equip students to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the city and to the world.

"I gave because as a Christian businessman I am moved by results. Through my long-standing knowledge of the activities of NOBTS, I have seen positive results brought about by the stewardship of the funds entrusted to the institution and I believe in its mission. Secondly, I gave because God has entrusted some resources to me that I felt he wanted me to share toward the success and high calling of NOBTS. May God continue to richly bless your efforts."
- KEN KELLER, alumnus
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