Seminary Related Vehicle Rental Policy

  1. Significant changes are taking place in the Auto Rental business.
  2. When you rent an auto on Seminary business you are covered for liability if you list the renter as NOBTS-your name. It is important to list NOBTS with your name because our liability insurance will not cover you if you do not list NOBTS in the renter block of the rental agreement. Please note that some auto rental agencies will balk at doing this, firmly insist that they do this. Also, when reserving a car, make sure you do it in the name of NOBTS-your name so that the reservation will be understood to be a business rental. Tell the agent that your employer requires the use of our name as part of your business use.
  3. You MUST purchase Physical Damage insurance. All of the major cards say they cover PD but, it is our observation and considerable experiential information from our insurance company that the credit card people are becoming more difficult to get settlements from, and the auto rental companies are charging credit cards direct for physical damage or not letting you leave until the PD claim is settled.