Seminary Vehicle Use Policy

Due to insurance requirements, seminary van use is limited to NOBTS business or NOBTS sponsored events. Only seminary approved drivers are allowed to drive seminary vans. Drivers should not request to be added to the approved list for a one-time special event.  Use this form to request driving authorization.

Please be aware that, due to insurance requirements, van capacity is limited to twelve (12) passengers, including the driver.  Please be mindful of this when making transportation arrangements.

If you need to use a seminary van, please contact the Providence Learning Center at extension 8060. This office will help you coordinate seminary van use and provide you with a list of approved seminary drivers. This office is not responsible for providing approved drivers.

Please plan ahead and give adequate notice of your need for a van and a driver. If an approved seminary driver is unavailable, you will need to make other transportation arrangements.

Please note that your department will be charged .60 per mile for local van use to help cover the cost of gas, maintenance, and insurance. Your department will also be charged for the approved driver’s time, unless the approved driver is volunteering his/her time or employed by the department using the van. The approved seminary driver using the van must obtain and complete a mileage log form, including the department account number to be charged, and return it to the Providence Learning Center. The Vice President for Business Affairs must approve seminary van use outside the local area.

Also note that the seminary does not normally offer airport shuttle service, unless such service is required for NOBTS business or NOBTS sponsored events. When airport transportation is required, with the exception of Trustee meetings, a $30.00 per trip, per van fee will be charged to the department making the request in lieu of the .60 per mile charge for local use.