What is the Doctor of Ministry Program?



Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The Doctor of Ministry is a professional degree providing qualified students the opportunity to achieve a high level of excellence in the practice of ministry. The degree is built on prerequisites including the Master of Divinity degree or equivalent theological preparation, high intellectual achievement and professional capability, and substantial professional experience in ministry between completion of the Master of Divinity degree program and application to the Doctor of Ministry degree program.





MDiv degree or its equivalent of an ATS-accredited college, university, or seminary
A masters degree in a ministry-related area of an accredited college, university or seminary and demonstrate proficiency by meeting the established criteria outlined in the admission policies.

- 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA 
- 3 years of substantial ministry experience

  • Significant Ministry Experience: Normally, full-time vocational ministry experience of at least three years is the minimum requirement. Exceptions can be made considering a combination of age, part-time and/or co vocational ministry, and combined length and scope of service. The Professional Doctoral Committee will approve exceptions at the time of admission. 

Prerequisites and Admission standards:

Admission into the DMin program will require an accredited master’s degree in a ministry-related area and significant ministry experience. Applicants without an accredited Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or its equivalent may be admitted, provided they demonstrate specific ministerial proficiencies:  

(a) the ability to thoughtfully interpret scripture and the theological tradition of one’s ministry context,  

(b) the capacity to understand and adapt one’s ministry to the cultural context,  

(c) a basic self-understanding of one’s ministerial identity and vocational calling,  

(d) a readiness to engage in ongoing personal and spiritual formation for one’s ministry,  

(e) an accredited master’s degree (or its educational equivalent) in an area related to one’s ministry setting or vocational calling, and  

(f) significant ministerial experience that enables the applicant to engage as a ministry peer with other students in this advanced professional doctorate. 

The proficiencies will be measured using the following criteria:

A = Graduate Biblical Studies/Theo paper 

B = Autobiographical Essay 

C = Autobiographical Essay 

D = Personal inventory 

E = Transcript Evaluation 

F = Professional Resume (template)

Proficiency Verification to confirm all criteria (for applicants without MDiv or MDiv Equivalency), approved by the ProDoc Committee. 

Final Admission Interview for all applicants


Click HERE for the list of specializations.




Program Elements (12 Hours) 

 Workshops 6 hours: 
 Program Overview Workshop 2 hours 
 Mid-Career Assessment 2 hours 
 Project Design Workshop 2 hours 
 Project Implementation and Writing 6 hours 

Specialization Seminars (9 Hours)   

3 Required @ 3 hours each 


Elective Seminars (9 Hours)
 3 Seminars @ 3 hours each chosen from any seminar offered in the ProDoc program 
Proficiency Seminars* (6 Hours)
 2 Seminars @ 3 hours each,  
 For applicants without an MDiv Degree (or equivalency); specific seminar options determined
by ProDoc Administrators 


*NOTE Proficiency Seminars must be successfully completed by the Mid Career Assessment Workshop.


*Advanced Standing. Students with an MDiv or its equivalent of an accredited institution will be granted advanced standing and the two proficiency seminars waived (6 hours).



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