What is the Post-Doctoral Certificate?

Post-Doctoral Certificate

The purpose of the Post-Doctoral Certificate is to offer professional development for Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Educational Ministry graduates. Each certificate will consist of 9 credit hours in a specific area of specialization.

These professional certificates utilize existing ProDoc seminars. Graduates pursuing these certificates will enroll in seminars along with current ProDoc students earning their degrees, which enhances the learning environment.

Conditions: Students are not permitted to duplicate courses from their previous DMin/DEdMin. Students are not permitted to transfer credits from their previous DMin/DEdMin. Post-Doctoral Certificate students will pay the current per hour tuition
rate for Professional Doctoral Program as listed in the current Graduate Catalog.




- DMin or DEdMin degree
- 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA 
- No ministry position required

Below are the specializations and the courses that correspond: 

Christian Apologetics

           Choose 3 of the following: 

  • PMTH8300 Apologetic Preaching

  • THCH8302 The Church, Law, and Religious Liberty 

  • THTH8303 The Problem of Evil and Suffering

  • THTH8304 The Christian Worldview

  • THTH8305 The Bible and Contemporary Issues                          

Strategic Leadership 

           Choose 3 of the following: 

  • PMLS8300 Strategic Leadership

  • PMLS8301 Leading Congregational Change

  • CEAM8301/PMLS8305 Leadership Styles in Ministry 

  • CEAM8302 Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management

  • CEAM8303 Building and Managing an Effective Organization

Church Revitalization 

           Choose 3 of the following: 

  • PATH8304 Critical Issues in Church Revitalization 

  • PATH8305 Contemporary Models

            for Church Revitalization 

  • CEAM8302/PMLS8304 Conflict Resolution

            and Crisis Management

  • CEAM8304 Creating a Winning Team 

  • PMEV8302 Developing a Strategy for Healthy,         

           Evangelistic Church Growth  

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 

           Choose 3 of the following: 

  • PMEV8305 Developing a Disciple Making

            Strategy for Healthy, Evangelistic Church Growth 

  • THCH8301 Spiritual Formation of the Minister

  • CEAM8303 Building and Managing

           an Effective Organization

  • CEAM8305 Strategic Church Development thru CE 

  • CECH8302 Spiritual Formation in Childhood

  • CEYH8303 Discipling Youth in a Family Ministry Context                       


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