Program Benefits



Seminars are offered year-round in our unique trimester schedule.  Seminars and workshops are usually 2-4 days in length which minimizes time away from ministry settings.


The New Orleans experience extends from across the city to around the world. All workshops and most seminars are offered at the New Orleans campus but available through NOLA2U (synchronous interactive video). Workshops are best taken at the New Orleans campus. Occasionally seminars may be offered only on campus or a local ministry site. 

Seminar Choices

You choose many of the seminars you want to take.  Some specializations may require specific seminars, but students have great latitude in selecting the seminars most important or relevant to them and their ministry settings.  Special Event seminars and Directed Studies add another level of flexibility.


A wide variety of specializations are available in the Professional Doctorate degrees.  Students choose the specialization that best prepares them for professional improvement and ministry effectiveness. For a list of our specializations and the seminars included in each, click here.


Seminar Topics

Every seminar is designed with the local ministry at heart. Courses reflect a keen understanding of needs of the church, denomination, and other Christian ministries.

Project Focus

Students are challenged in each class to generate strategies and projects relevant to the ministry setting of the student.

Application Orientation

Instructors guide students to not only research and study subjects significant to contemporary ministry, but apply the ideas and principles in a realistic way.



The exposure to new ideas and a wider variety of life experiences allows students to grow in a very personal way.  Many students report spiritual and intellectual renewal as part of the NOBTS Professional Doctorate education.


Instruction from ministry practitioners, inspiration from national leaders, and interaction with fellow students create an atmosphere that promotes growth as leaders and educators.


Principles, processes, and projects that develop from the education experiences will influence your church as you apply them.  Churches and ministries have seen spiritual renewal and numerical growth as a result of implementation in the local setting.

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