Giving Identities

Meet Our Giving Identities

There are many ways to partner with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, based on your place in life. Each gift matters. Each gift helps. And each gift moves the Gospel further. These are our giving identities:

The Timothy Plan

The theme of the Timothy Plan is building the road. Every stone properly laid will support many feet. For the Timothy Plan, size is not an issue. For less than $20/month, you will make a significant contribution to a future minister and Gospel messenger. The Timothy Plan ranges from $200 to $1,999 annually.

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The Barnabas Project

The theme of the Barnabas Project is partnership. And partnership is reciprocal. The Barnabas Project pairs a donor with a student, and when a donor gives here, they receive communication from NOBTS about how the student is progressing, what they're studying, and where they hope to serve following graduation. Because it is tied to an individual, the Barnabas Project is a three-year commitment. The Barnabas Project ranges from $2,000 to $4,999 annually.

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The Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is about projects and strategies. The seminary has needs that extend beyond the budget, and each year the Foundation Board has the opportunity to focus on one or two strategy teams. This begins with a $5,000 annual donation.

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The DeMent Society

Unlike the other giving identities, the DeMent society is about estate giving. It is one final gift for Jesus through what He's doing at NOBTS. More and more people are planning these matters earlier to make sure their resources continue to support the works that matter most. We will walk you through the process.

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