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Mentoring at NOBTS


Welcome to the Entrust Mentoring Community at NOBTS.  We are so glad you are interested in joining us in our mission to intertwine high-quality theological education with mentoring relationships.  Below you will find more information about our program and all that we offer along with a program application.

The members of the Mentoring Community at NOBTS have been praying for the students who will join us and we would encourage you to take some time to read over the information from the Mentoring webpages and pray about your place in the Entrust Mentoring Community.  Then, please fill out the short application (see link below) with all the required information and submit it to our office.


Students are encouraged to ask someone that they have developed an existing mentor relationship with or would like to have a mentor relationship with to be their mentor for the course that they wish to take for a semester. Mentors must be approved by our program and meet certain requirements. Please see our  Become a Mentor page for more information about mentors. You will be contacted by the Mentoring Office about continuing the registration process for the upcoming semester. Please go to our  How to Register page to learn how to register for our courses. You can see what courses are offered at NOBTS in the mentoring format and view sample syllabi on our Mentoring Courses page.

If you are not already enrolled as a student at NOBTS, then we would love to help you get started.  Please contact the Office of Admissions  for more information about NOBTS or a Seminary application.  Once you receive your student ID number and Seminary acceptance letter you will be able to complete the application for the Mentoring program.



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