About the Baptist Center

Our Mission

The Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry exists to provide theological and ministerial resources to enrich and energize ministry in Baptist churches. Our goal is to bring together professor and practitioner to produce and apply these resources to Baptist life, polity, and ministry. The mission of the BCTM is to develop, preserve, and communicate the distinctive theological identity of Baptists.

We believe that theology should define and undergird ministry in the Church. The mission of the BCTM is to assist churches realize this vision. We pray that the resources on this website bring glory to the Living God as we strive to strengthen our Baptist churches.


Some of the best minds for developing theology from a distinctively Baptist perspective are found in our Baptist seminaries, colleges, and universities, as well as in many Baptist churches. The BCTM serves as a "converging point" to develop theology which:

  • Shapes the beliefs of the Church
  • Structures the life of the Church
  • Directs the decision-making processes of the Church
  • Defines the ministry practice of the Church


A major goal of the BCTM is to "push theology out of presentations and books and into the pews of our churches." The Center is devoted to ensuring that the "theological reflection of the academy" results in "ministry that lives in the church." The integration of theology with ministry targets:

  • Motivation for ministry
  • Integrity within ministry
  • Method of ministry
  • Goals for ministry


The Baptist distinctives that have fostered so much ministry and mission in previous generations are waning in today's Baptist churches. A renewed vision for what it means to be a Baptist is desperately needed. The Center attempts to recover and communicate this vision by exploring and publicizing our:

  • Heritage
  • Distinctives
  • Polity


The BCTM accomplishes its mission through various methods. These involve networks, partnerships, meetings, and publications. The numerous forums that address issues relevant to Baptist life and ministry include:

  • The Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry
  • Professional meetings and conferences
  • Articles, essays, books
  • Online resources

Church Interaction

The BCTM seeks to interact and assist Baptist churches in their obedience to the Great Commandment and participation in the Great Commission. "Theology is the servant of the Church." The Center specifically targets issues directly related to Baptist life and ministry. This task is achieved in part through:

  • Relevant publications
  • Online resources
  • Consultation and conferences
  • Partnership projects with Baptist churches and organizations
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