Spring 2024


JBTM 21.1 Spring 2024 - Defend the Faith

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  • Was Jesus Really 'Born of a Virgin'? Answering Key Objections by Rhyne R. Putman, PhD
  • I Believe in the Virgin Birth... and So Does Richard Dawkins: A Cheeky Proposal by Tawa J. Anderson, PhD
  • Are Christianity and Science at War with Each Other? by David H. Calhoun, PhD
  • Anti-Trinitarian Argumentation: A Critical Examination by Robert M. Bowman Jr., PhD
  • The Uniqueness of Christianity in a World of Religions by Craig J. Hazen, PhD
  • Defending the Handmaid: How Theology Needs Philosophy by Richard G. Howe, PhD
  • Would Bonhoeffer Think We Were Stupid by Ken Keathley, PhD
  • Postmodernism by Stewart E. Kelly, PhD
  • A Clue to the Clue: The Abolition of Man as a Supplement to the Moral Argument of Mere Christianity by Donald T. Williams, PhD
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