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Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry

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JTBM 17.2 Fall Spring 2020

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  • Looking Back and Looking Ahead: A New Era at NOBTS by Rex D. Butler, PhD
  • Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Teach Dem Saints? Baptist Beginnings in New Orleans to the Founding of the Baptist Bible Institute by Lloyd Harsch, PhD
  • Portraits of the NOBTS Presidents by Chuck Kelley, PhD
  • The Leavell Legacy by Rex D. Butler, PhD
  • A Legacy of Scholarship: Legendary Teachers and World-Class Research by James Parker, PhD and Rex D. Butler, PhD
  • The School of Providence and Prayer: From the Great Depression through Hurricane Katrina and Beyond by Steve Lemke, PhD
  • Theological Education Delivered to You: The Extension Centers and Online Learning by Norris Grubbs, PhD
  • The NOBTS and Leavell College of Tomorrow: The Future of
  • Theological Education by Norris Grubbs, PhD
  • Guiding Principles for NOBTS by James (Jamie) K. Dew Jr., PhD
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