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JTBM 20.2 Fall 2023

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  • Analytic Theology & Jonathan Edwards in a Baptist Context: An Interview with Christopher Woznicki
  • The Doctrine of Scripture in the First London Baptist Confessions of 1644/1646 by David H. Wenkel, PhD
  • Baptist Polity Inherited from Congregationalism by John B. Carpenter, PhD
  • Fallen Humanity and Its Redemption: Mainstream Sixteenth-Century Anabaptist Views vis-à-vis Arminian Baptist and Traditional Baptist Positions by Kirk R. MacGregor, PhD
  • Preaching the Old Testament in the New Testament: An Intertextual Method by Charlie Ray III, PhD
  • The Bible Is Food: Metaphors, Models, and Method for Theological Interpretation of Scripture by Micah Chung, PhD
  • A Rejection of Classical Evidentialism and an Argument for Complementary Theories of Knowledge of God in Romans 1:18–20 by Benjamin Kelly, ThM and Jonathan K. Corrado, PhD
  • John Clarke: His Contributions to His Church and State by Rex D. Butler, PhD
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