Spring 2022


JTBM 19.1 Spring 2022

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  • Multiplication or Management?: Tension and the Creation Mandate by Ryan Rindels, PhD
  • Retrieving Diversity and Unity on the Work of Christ in the Apostolic Fathers by Thomas G. Doughty, Jr., PhD
  • “He Who Is and the Angel of Him Who Is”: Nicene and Post-Nicene Views of Christophanies by Rex D. Butler, PhD
  • Sharing in the Distributed Body of Christ: Luther’s Eucharistic Reading of Philemon 6 by Casey B. Hough, PhD
  • Reformation Boundaries: The Doctrine of Justification by Faith Alone and Ecumenical Rapprochement by Jacob G. Milstead, PhD
  • Watch with Me: The Pastors of Port William in the Writings of Wendell Berry by Jason P. Kees, PhD
  • The Southern Baptist Convention and World War II by David T. Crum, PhD
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