Fall 2022


JTBM 19.2 Fall 2022

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  • Action Apologetics: Charity and Social Justice as Ways of Doing Apologetics by Timothy S. Yoder, PhD
  • Does an Affirmation of Sola Scriptura Entail the Regulative Principle of Worship? by Rhyne Putman, PhD
  • East Asian and Asian American Reflections on James by Daniel K. Eng, DMin, PhD
  • James’s Call to the Rich to Repent and to the Poor Not to Judge by Joseph Pak, PhD
  • Is the Use of Vaccines Developed from Abortion-Derived Fetal Cell Lines Formal or Material Complicity in Evil? by J. Alan Branch, PhD
  • Heaven or Halakha: John 14:1–3 Re-Examined by Andrea L. Robinson, PhD
  • A Credible Witness: A Pluriform Church in a Pluralist Culture by Daniel T. Slavich, PhD
  • Poverty, Prosperity and the Gospel: Is there Economic Good News for the Poor in Paul? by John W. Taylor, PhD
  • Revisiting Pseudonymity, the New Testament, and the Noble Lie by Terry L. Wilder, PhD
  • Wealth and Poverty in the Life and Thought of Jonathan Edwards by Chris Chun, PhD
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